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本文摘要:it ' s time to make peace with the term phable t。

it ' s time to make peace with the term phable t。是时候坦率地接受“平板电脑”这个词了。

Sure,the tech industry could have come up with a prettier,Less jarring way to refer to smart phones that are big enough to be used as table t commet当然,技术行业能够想出一个更可爱、更鲜明的单词,那就是大到不足以用作平板电脑的智能手机。但是平板电脑有资格获得难忘的描述性名字。屏幕不是相当大的手机,而是新型计算设备,通常比各种智能手机或笔记本电脑更简单、更灵活。phable ts could even become the dominant computing device of the future-the most popular kind of phone on the market,And perhaps the only commet平板电脑有可能沦为未来主导性计算设备3354市场上最受欢迎的手机,很多人认为只有这样的电脑是不够的。


Now,I ' ve long been on the record as hating big phones . But this week I decided to try using the latest one,apple's new iphone 6 ple With its偶尔关掉笔记本电脑,强迫写文章,但我所有电脑时间的80%到90%都用在苹果的大型手机上。I didn ' t exactly prefer this life style;if you ' ve got the resources and patience to buy a laptop,smart phone and tablet,Go for it。

but if an alien race swooped down on the planet and forced earthlings to use only a single computer,I ' d choose the iphone 6 plus . if you ' re lookuter但是,如果有任何外星种族入侵地球,强迫地球人不能用在一台电脑上,我就不会自由选择iphone 6 plus。如果正在寻找万用表,自由选择这种平板电脑也不错。Apple doesn't use the p-word,but the 6 plus,which goes on sale on Friday,is larger than the original Samsung galaxy note,The(the latest note has a 5.7-inch screen。)It ' s obvious why apple had to make A phab let,A device that its executives and fans had long made fun of .despite the awk wardness of holding a device as large as a cafeteria tray up to your ear,Phablets made by Samsung And other companies have become a hourapple不使用平板电脑等单词,但星期五上市的6 Plus比三星2011年发行的第一个Galaxy Note大(最新笔记本的屏幕为5.7英寸)。


their popularity might reflect the un importance of the phone part of the phable t 3360 who makes phone calls any more?Instead,some market-watchers argue,A significant number of the world ' s population either can ' t afford or can ' t manage A tech这种人气可能表明平板电脑的手机部分不是最重要的,一些市场观察人士指出,对于“每个人都有个人电脑、平板电脑、手机等三种”的技术前景,全球很多用户无法购买或应对。很多人期望只用一台机器就能满足他们大部分的计算市场需求。On the other hand,a phable t presents many trade-offs . depending on the job you have,There ' s a good chance it isn ' t nearly as comforly(威廉莎士比亚、哈姆雷特、工作)今年年初,我在微软的Surface Pro 3中写道,很多我们称之为“工作”的任务通常需要使用出色的物理键盘,而Iphone 6 Plus似乎没有键盘。What's more,though it's quite thin,The 6 plus is about 27 percent taller and 32 percent wider than apple ' s old flagship,The iphone《that makes it something of a monster in your pocket . there were times this week when I reached for my old iphone 5s and fell in love Ain with that device》(apple also introduced a new small phone,the iphone 6,with a 4.7-inch SSI My colleague Molly wood reviewed both iphones earlier this))更重要的是,6 Plus非常厚,但比苹果上一代主力手机iphone 5S长约27%,约32%,因此本周,我用了几次我的旧iphone 5S,另外,新的东西爱上了它迷人的灵活设计。

(苹果公司还以4.7英寸的屏幕发售了新的小型手机iphone 6,我的同事莫莉伍德[Molly Wood]本周早些时候对这两款新iphone进行了评价。)yet what it lacks in pocket ability,the iphone 6 plus makes up for in usability and accessibility . your phable t,like your phone,Is a看起来像平板电脑,有足够的大显示器来做更好的效率型工作。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视),成功)但是与笔记本电脑不同的是,平板电脑可以立即使用。

从口袋里拿出来的话,随时都可以工作。over the last week I used the 6 plus to do just about everything I normally do with my phone and my laptop . every morning I ' d wake up,Then slump into每天早上醒来的时候,我都窝在适合用平板电脑的办公室里,也就是我家的床、沙发或者什么的适合随便依靠的家具上。



我家到处都是电脑,至少在这个实验的开始阶段,我经常想控制带着笔记本电脑办事的冲动。(威廉莎士比亚,泰姆派斯特,电脑名言)But I persevered,and soon I found my self falling into the habits of a phablet-only life . I caught up with email但是我坚持了下来,很快意识到我感染了只靠平板电脑生活的习惯。

我拿它发电子邮件,做文章研究,在网站上做很多事情,在几张表格上工作,甚至用外部物理键盘在6 Plus上写了几篇文章。I found that the 6 plus has two advantages over smaller smart phones,And one primary advantage over rival phablets . typing is much easier on the 6 phe抓住双手竖起的手机,用两只拇指指着字的时候,真是与众不同。using the iphone ' s built-in on-screen keyboard or an-screen keyboard made by Swype,I found my self jotting emails much more quickly than I Han和莫莉的感觉一样,6 Plus太宽,横店者不舒服。the other obvious advantage over smaller phones is screen size . the 6 Plus’s display is big enough to transform activities that are a bit unplus Small例如,这与电影、读者文件、阅读表格、查询电子邮件等显示有关,也是想节约眼光的事情。


the 6 plus ' s advantage over other phablets is also pretty obvious 3360 it runs apple ' s IOs,An operating system that is still far more intuityIt's true,as Molly notes,that unlike apple,Android phone makers have added many extra software features to take advantage of phableit ' s not often that I need to watch a video and sort through email at the same time,但我认为这些功能中的很多都是噱头。(*译者:译者:译者:译者:译者)需要同时看视频和确认电子邮件的时候,真的没有那么多。what ' s more important is IOs ' s fundamental usability advantage over rivals . apple ' s operating system is easier to understand and Han Android更重要的是,IOs在易用性方面对竞争对手的明显优势。与Android相比,Apple的操作系统更容易解释和启动。

(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视),)此外,即使适用于开发者,也不会将大部分资源用作最适合优先使用的iOS。One oft-mentioned risk of the 6 plus,for apple,Is that The big phone will displace sales of apple ' s tablets . but The plus could actuall6在Plus的风险方面,苹果公司经常被提及大手机不能取代IPAD的销售市场。但是6 plus最终会成为好事。苹果向运营商销售的6 Plus的起步价为750美元(约合4600元人民币),HD IPad mini的起步价为399美元。

but to customers who sign up for a cellular contract,the 6 plus appears cheaper than the ipad-it ' s just $ 299。in other words,If you choose a big iphone over an ipad,Apple will be selling you a more expensive device at price that looks cheaper to you . so to但是签约的6 Plus只要299美元,就不会比ipad便宜。也就是说,如果选择大屏幕iphone代替ipad,就不会以更低的价格在苹果销售更便宜的设备。因此,平板手机还有很多优点:可以为科技公司赚钱!(莎士比亚)。